Human-Machine system is a system in which the functions of a human operator and a machine are integrated. This term can also be used to emphasize the view of such a system as a single entity that interacts with external environment.
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An ever-increasing number of technical tools support human beings in shaping new ideas. They offer completely new possibilities for creation. At the same time these tools influence and form the result. The idea as the core is born naturally – how it has always been. But it then becomes a part of something bigger and forms a symbiosis.

A Human-Machine system is born: driven by the creative idea.
This project represents my learning and growth while participating in Michael Rigley's courses Design for Production: Workflow and Design for Production: Animation which I took through the Learnsquared educational platform.

Goal of the first course was to learn how to create compelling, production-ready styleframes in Cinema 4D with X-Particles and After Effects, from creating a project brief, all the way through procedurally generating and rendering complex 3D scenes.

The second course focused on planning out the scenes, experimenting with the editorial process, learning detailed 3D animation techniques in Cinema 4D, and finishing up by compositing in After Effects.


Design & Production

Sound Design

Tools used
Maxon Cinema 4D
Insydium X-Particles
Otoy Octane Render
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