Reliable, innovative and passionate
For more than 15 years, I have been facing every visual challenge. I see myself as a partner, a consultant and a creative problem solver who works with you to realize your visions. My mission: to help you to achieve your communication goals, present information in an understandable way, represent brands concisely.

Always in tune with the times
I am enthusiastic about new technologies  – but I also question them critically. At the moment, for example, the omnipresent artificial intelligence: always on the lookout for in-depth understanding and new tools that can be integrated into work processes. So that these can be made more efficient and open up new scope for creative processes.

Jack of all trades?
Of course, one person can't do everything, but that doesn't mean a task is impossible. If required, I put together an individual team from a large network of specialists. Because the requirements for creative projects can be as diverse as the color spectrum – our name ALLCOLOURS says it all!

Exchange, new perspectives and inspiration
Professional exchange is essential for every artist and thinking outside the box can open up new worlds, so I like to meet up with other creative people at conferences or events. I also organize the Meetup Design and Animation Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg every two weeks: we are happy to welcome everyone!
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